The Pilot Events Tour Kicks off at LAtitude59

On May 25, STADIEM kicked off the first of its four Pilot Events in the European Union to showcase its accelerator program for media and bring its pilot beneficiaries on pitching stages.

Our tour of events started from the far North, in Tallinn, Estonia, at the renowned Latitude59, with a two-fold participation to the event, gathering over 50 participants: we started out with the Pitching Event – where STADIEM innovators Druid Learning, Wantent and BotTalk took the Community Stage, introducing the audience to their media solutions – followed immediately after by STADIEM’s own side event, which saw our hubs VRT Sandbox (represented by founder and media specialist Peter De Paepe) and Media City Bergen (represented by Marianne Fjellhaug) explain to investors, corporates and start-ups how and what STADIEM contributes to the European media sector.

STADIEM scale-ups pitching at Latitude59
The STADIEM Team and the scale-ups at the event
The scale-ups on stage

Let’s learn a little more about the protagonists of the Latitude59’s Pilot Event, and their focus areas:

Druid Learning (Monetization focus area) – A white-label educational content e-commerce platform designed with inclusiveness in mind, allowing publishers to control, manage and distribute their digital content directly to their end users. They found invaluable partners in CJ Fallon Irish Educational Publisher, which is looking into improving and optimising content production through automation processes. Druid Learning is part of the 6 selected scale-ups that are part of the currently running Open Call 2 Pilot phase.

BotTalk (Content creation & distribution focus area) – BotTalk’s technology focuses on text-to-speech, allowing publishing houses with an average output of 200 news articles a day to create 8 to 30 hours of audio daily from it. Funke, NOZ, t-onlineVRTMediafin and Roularta all partnered-up with BotTalk, leading to piloting their solution for content creating. BotTalk is also among the OC2 Pilot phase scale-ups.

Wantent (Content creation & distribution focus area)  – Wantent is a unique AI-based platform that identifies consumer reactions to video content, applying ML technologies. The scale-up was also part of the STADIEM OC 2 selection, enrolled in the programme until its Develop phase, finding a match in VRT, which sought out to validate and measure impact on users in the development of a long-form tv show.

Read about all the other STADIEM Open Call 2 solutions here!

STADIEM Team and scale-ups at Latitude59
BotTalk, Wantent and Druid Learning in action on stage

We were very proud to be able to attach our event to Latitude59 – held this year from May 24 to 26 – which is known as the place to be in the start-up/scale-up ecosystem, featuring various networking opportunities, in-depth discussions with top international players, several pitching rounds for both start-ups as well as investors, and an overall chance to get together, reflect on the crazy strenuous couple of years behind us, and forge new plans for the future of media in Europe.

the next pilot events

The Pilot Events tour will continue at Media City Odense (31st May), Future Week (7th June) and IBC 2023 (15th to 18th September). Other start-ups, scale-ups, investors and media companies are welcome to join us to discover the accelerator, its program and its portfolio and meet and mingle with the STADIEM innovators. 

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