Rethinking data and tech to fight disinformation

STADIEM Project Coordinator Mike Matton (VRT) recently took part to the FANDANGO Project‘s “Rethinking the possibilities of data and technology in the fight against disinformation” online event, where he spoke about VRT’s activities focused on the topic.

The event attracted around 100 participants and featured high-level panelists from different sectors, sharing insights on several aspects: the role of the EU’s ICT policies and ecosystem in protecting European values, markets and citizens against disinformation, and the use of Big Data and quality data for fake news and disinformation detection.

As explained by Matton during the event, ecosystem building and work against disinformation are not only part of one of STADIEM’s main focus areas, but also part of other VRT ventures, such as VRT Sandbox and Future Media Hubs, and the MediaMotorEurope project, which VRT is part of and which shares many of STADIEM’s aims. The presentation is available on the “Presentations” section of this website.

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More information on the event’s agenda and topics can be found here.