How STADIEM works

STADIEM will develop a dedicated cross-border mediatech support framework and action plan between the participating four hubs (VRT, Media City Bergen, Storytek, Next Media Accelerator). This will provide start-ups with relevant skills and information, regional and local knowledge (including market and consumer specifics), available financing and scaling opportunities, as well as venture capital and corporate networks.

The STADIEM framework will assign selected start-ups to the hub that best matches their stage of development, vertical and growth needs.

Additionally, the curriculum will establish a synergy between the hubs which enables start-ups to gain access to the knowledge and networks of the other hubs in the STADIEM network.

In order to monitor and steer the programme, STADIEM will set up a dedicated framework programme management and evaluation tools (both physical and digital) developed by the expertise acquired in the hubs. The tools will establish the curriculum schedule, assign events and workshops/seminars, set up and manage mentorship and corporate meetings, and provide possibilities for evaluation.

The consortium partners will help secure that the recruited start-ups will be given the best possible support available in Europe on their way to scale-up.