STADIEM (Startup Driven Innovation in European Media), with its piloting and acceleration programme, brings together start-ups, scale-ups, investors and media organisations to foster the development of Next Generation Media solutions.

  • Create a cross-border community of ecosystems that encompasses 4 innovation hubs
  • Develop a European support framework and tool for taking innovative technologies to market
  • Launch a start-up support programme through 2 open calls
  • Create synergies in Europe and worldwide
  • Ensure sustainability and further growth of the STADIEM ecosystem after the project ends


We are building a dedicated cross-border mediatech incubation and acceleration program to identify, nurture and bring to the market innovative European mediatech startups.

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latest news

10 Dec: Scoring Goals as a Team – STADIEM at MCB Expo

STADIEM’s Programme Coordinator – and enthusiastic football fan – Anneke Geyzen (VRT) talks about how STADIEM can make you score…

09 Dec: STADIEM’s side event at SLUSH 2021

On December 1, STADIEM held the side in-person event “EU-funding for 40 B2B start-ups in MediaTech”, in the context of SLUSH…

03 Sep: Meet the Partners: Martel Innovate

Martel is a dynamic Swiss-based company with more than 20 years’ experience managing research and innovation projects across Europe and…

01 Sep: Meet the Partners: F6S

F6S is an EU-based community for startups, founders, SMEs and entrepreneurs who want to fund their innovative ideas: a leading…

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Discover the CONSORTIUM

The consortium is composed of experts across all media disciplines, which will help secure that the start-ups with the highest relevance and calibre will be recruited and given the best possible support available in Europe on their way to scale-up.

Dr. Monique Calisti
Martel Innovate

We’re thrilled to be part of STADIEM to nurture and support future minded innovators at work for the Next Generation Media.

NMA _DSC1919 CH Kopie
Christoph Hüning
Next Media Accelerator

Shaping the future of media with international partners and enabling innovative founders to grow is what we like best. We are happy to be part of the STADIEM project.

Einar Kaslegard
Einar Kaslegard
Media City Bergen

We’re happy to be a part of STADIEM! The values are in many ways at the heart of Media City Bergen – working together to drive development and innovation.

Carmela Asero
European Broadcasting Union

Bridging innovative players in the European media sector with a wide community of established public broadcasters is a key challenge we are enthusiast to take on by participating to STADIEM project.

Violeta Vasileva

As a global founder community we love to help start-ups and find the right opportunities for them. We are glad to be part of STADIEM and continue making the world a better place for founders!

Mike Matton

With STADIEM, we’re excited to make Europe a global leader in media innovation! By supporting start-ups and scale-ups in their growth and development, we look forward to not only seize, but also create opportunities for media innovation that can have a real impact, both locally and internationally.

Sten Saluveer

Europe has hundreds if not thousands of early-stage innovators and equally as many start-ups in media and beyond. The most important resource they need from becoming 1 million companies to 100 million companies are skills and resources to deliver growth. With Storytek and the Exit Academy, we aim to power Stadiem participants with the mindset, tools, and resources to take their growth to the next level.