Publications & Press Clipping

This page is dedicated to all STADIEM publications and coverage in the press.

How STADIEM has accelerated media innovation in Europe (PDF)
EBU’s tech-i magazine, issue 57, September 2023

Media Distillery and NLZIET Partner to Transform Content Discovery (PDF), November 2022

Innovation matchmaking opportunity for PSM (PDF)
EBU’s tech-i magazine, issue 52, June 2022

How the Flemish public broadcaster VRT became a media innovation powerhouse (PDF)
Sifted, May 2022

STADIEM: calling innovators to enhance Europe’s next-generation media ecosystem (PDF)
EBU’s tech-i magazine, issue 50 “Testing what’s possible with 5G-based production”, December 2021

1,93 million euro for European start-ups and scale-ups to work on Next Generation Media solutions (PDF)
VRT Innovation, December 2021

STADIEM doet open oproep aan start-ups en scale-ups (PDF – Dutch)
VRT website, December 2021

VRT brengt Europese top scale-ups naar Vlaanderen om samen te innoveren (PDF – Dutch)
VRT website, September 2021

STADIEM Open Call #1 (PDF – Dutch)
VRT Innovatie, March 2021

Sign up for STADIEM and fund your media solution (PDF)
VRT Innovation, March 2021