diversity, AI, SaaS

What’s the issue?

Nowadays, diversity analyses from content broadcasted by media companies are done manually, which is very time consuming and expensive. However, diversity analyses are necessary to create a more diverse and equal media landscape.

“We want to create awareness around inequalities, norms and stereotypes in media and popular culture by supporting the media industry in measuring and monitoring diversity in their content.” – Matilda Kong, CEO Ceretai

The Ceretai team

Ceretai’s solution

Ceretai offers a Diversity Dashboard, which is an AI-based software-as-a-service tool to analyse audio-visual content with a focus on diversity and equality. It supports and assists media companies in reflecting their broadcasting programming and changing it when needed.

“Within the STADIEM programme we had the possibility to get in contact and pitch for several media houses in Europe. It gave us also the opportunity to create another diversity aspect, namely a way to analyse and show ethnicities in content.” – Meike Arendt, Managing Director Germany Ceretai

Ceretai’s corporate partner in the STADIEM project

VRT, Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (public broadcaster)

“VRT knows that it is important to provide diversity and inclusion on screen. We’re keen on collaborating with Ceretai in the STADIEM project, since this will be a great help to support our VRT values and reach our KPIs.” – Karen Donders, General Director of Public Engagement VRT

The people behind Ceretai: Matilda Kong, Meike Arendt
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Date of foundation: December 2017
More info: Ceretai