Interactive broadcasting, CONTENT CREATION & DISTRIBUTION

“Thanks to the STADIEM programme, we are able to achieve our ambition to provide content creators with a bridge between physical and virtual worlds. doWow’s solution will allow anyone to broadcast, curate and monetize content in the metaverse and customize user experiences.” – Evgeniya Panova, Co-Founder at doWow

What’s the issue?

The metaverse will be influencing the global economy. Major global brands are working on ways to reach audiences in the virtual worlds. Without interactivity, metaverses are useless. Currently, playing out interactive mixed media content is only possible with hours of development. That makes it more difficult for content creators and brands to enter the space. Metaverses, brands & content creators want to bridge virtual and real world experience to engage audiences in both dimensions. doWow’s broadcasting system will solve this challenge with a capability to stream mixed media content between DOOH carriers and metaverse worlds.

“With our playout editor, a user can break down any screen into content blocks and insert different types of content into each. Our infrastructure makes it possible for content to be distributed across multiple devices and managed through a single, streamlined user interface.”– James Watkins, Co-founder at doWow.

doWow’s solution

Our tool has the potential of creating interactive and curated content broadcast to any dimension, enabling anyone to create virtual experiences with smart contract and NFT integrated content in a matter of seconds without requiring any coding expertise. By providing content creators, brands, and media outlets with a gateway to the metaverse, this initiative can revolutionise the way broadcasting is done.

The people behind doWow: Matt Tuccio, Evgeniya Panova, Lea Dannehauer, James Watkins, Sven Spielvogel, Volodymyr Latsyshyn
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date of foundation: February, 2021