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“Together with three key pilot partners, we will bring einbliq.io’s broadcast analytics solution to the next level. The STADIEM programme is an invaluable enabler on our way forward.” – Ralf Neudel, co-founder and CEO of einbliq.io

What’s the issue?

While the broadcasting sector is fundamentally changing, linear television remains hugely important and still represents the core of many media brands. However, for linear broadcast, detailed user insights are very limited and innovative personalisation of services is rare compared to streaming.

“einbliq.io provides broadcasters with a deeper understanding of their linear TV audience – in real-time. Our analytics solution makes these insights actionable, for optimised TV programme scheduling as well as for better integration of linear and on-demand services.” – Sebastian Siepe, co-founder and CTO einbliq.io

The einbliq.io team

einbliq.io’s solution

einbliq.io closes the feedback loop for broadcast services, enabling the analysis of millions of  concurrent viewers. The insights are provided back to the broadcaster in real-time, enabling deeper insights as well as new levels of service integration.

einbliq.io’s corporate partners in STADIEM

RBB, SWISS TXT, münchen.tv

“As an innovation department we are interested in how to access better analytics data and actionable insights which is crucial for broadcasters when tailoring their programming. We are planning a joint pilot with einbliq.io with the aim to test new features such as regionalised and programme-specific analytics for linear broadcast TV.” – Robin Ribback, Head of Innovation Management SWISS TXT and Member of EBU’s Technical Committee

The people behind einbliq.io: Sebastian Siepe, Ralf Neudel
Location: Munich, Germany
Date of foundation: December 2020
Contact: https://einbliq.io/en