Messaging communities, data, monetization, fan engagement

“STADIEM helped us significantly accelerate the time it typically would have taken for us to start pilots with large global corporates. It gave us credibility & the funding to quickly scale up the team to deliver against our pilot program plan.” – Tom Gayner, co-founder and CEO Levellr

What’s the issue?

As social media habits shift from open networks to closed safe spaces, platforms like Whatsapp, Discord & Telegram have grown significantly, over 3bn people having messaging apps downloaded on their phones. Building communities can provide creators & brands with significant opportunities, from deep fan engagement, to acquiring significant customer data & insights to driving tangible revenue opportunities.

Levellr’s solution

Levellr’s tools, which plug into existing messaging apps, including Discord & Telegram, provide essential features to enable customers to build, manage & monetize their messaging communities, whilst removing many of the pains of community building by helping keep the community safe, managing scale & ensuring moderation is easy to manage.

Textgain’s corporate partner in STADIEM

Warner Music Group

The people behind Levellr: Tom Gayner, Ben Barbersmith
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date of foundation: January 2021
Contact: http://www.levellr.com