Ad insertion, personalization, server-side ad-insertion

What’s the issue?

Ad budgets flow to OTT, CTV and digital audio streaming media services with programmatic deals thanks to the easy targeting and efficiency on those platforms. Classic television and radio services are left out on that type of addressable advertising as they ask for a different approach.

“With we offer a new method for the monetization of media streaming. It is flexible, modified to customer needs and comes with data-ownership by the customer.” – Leander Carell, co-founder and Managing Director Nowtilus

The Nowtilus team

Nowtilus’s solution

Nowtilus allows streaming providers to smoothly deliver content and advertising which leads to a personalized ad experience for their users. It transforms monetizing with traceable measurement in real time and advertisement creation including services like dynamic creative optimization (DCO) and text-to-speech. The technology can also be used for SMEs and local businesses.

“STADIEM offers financial support, but also helps us in terms of networking and gaining expertise we were missing previously. We are collaborating with several media corporates now that were only general prospects before.” – Patrick Knippel, Co-founder and Managing Director Nowtilus

Nowtilus’s corporate partner in STADIEM

Bugovics Industries, Teutocast

“The concept of Nowtilus for Creative Circles for Audio Ad Insertion has convinced us very strongly. We would like to use the solution initially as part of a proof of concept and then later via the commercial launch.” – Joszef Bugovics, Founder Teutocast

The people behind Nowtilus: Patrick Knippel, Leander Carell
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date of foundation: June 2007
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