Virtualisation, production, audio

What’s the issue?

The media industry is changing profoundly, yet production workflows are often hindered by the legacy infrastructure. Media brands need to deliver more content on more platforms while budgets and technical teams shrink. Ultimately, media companies need to stay relevant to reach their audiences.

“On-Hertz brings media brands closer to their audience by lowering the technical barriers for content creators. We empower our customers to leverage the benefits of a virtualised production infrastructure with a specific focus on audio.” – Benjamin Lardinoit, CEO and co-founder On-Hertz

The On-Hertz team

On-Hertz’s solution

On-Hertz offers software-centric content production solutions that empower broadcast and media professionals to create content from anywhere at any time. They are scalable, cost-efficient and offer intuitive user interfaces for technical and operational profiles. That way, On-Hertz delivers broadcast quality in any circumstance.

“The benefit of co-developing in the STADIEM project is that we get direct insights from power users going from management to operations. That helps us improve our value proposition and make sure it matches the needs directly expressed by them.” – Renaud Schoonbroodt, CTO and co-founder On-Hertz

On-Hertz’s corporate partner in STADIEM


“We are busy trying to define and engineer new production technologies for the digital media age. The software and cloud-based platform from On-Hertz will allow us to be much more flexible and efficient. The innovation simplifies the integration of large technological infrastructure and could have a substantial impact on production costs and efficiency.” – Hugo Ortiz, Innovation Manager RTBF

The people behind On-Hertz: Benjamin Lardinoit and Renaud Schoonbroodt (co-founders)
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date of foundation: May 2018
More info: on-hertz.com