STADIEM’s first Open Call, which closed on March 31st, attracted more than 400 start-ups in the European media sector, leading to over 200 applications. The 40 selected participants come from all over Europe (and beyond), and present solutions in line with Open Call 1’s focus areas, which range from content creation and distribution to data and content verification against disinformation.

Content creation & distribution

AudioSourceRE (Ireland) – A demixing platform, reverse-engineering music and audio back into individual layers for new creative uses.

Zazu, formerly known as Cutnut (Germany) – A story content creation tool for production and omnichannel distribution.

Filmarket Hub (Spain) – An online marketplace and discovery tool for curated films and series in development.

Frameright (Germany) – A controlled, non-destructive image cropping tool with metadata, AI and a browser-based user interface.

Klipworks ApS (Denmark) – A solution allowing broadcasters to request, manage and use video in one place.

Noscos (Latvia) – Face recognition services in image and video archives using machine learning and computer vision technologies.

On-Hertz (Belgium) – Presenting three solutions: Lumo, a virtual radio studio running on a simple laptop/tablet; Nubo, similar to Lumo but fully hosted in the cloud and featuring webRTC contribution instead of local contributors; Aristo, a virtual audio core on COTS for broadcast and media.

Playpilot AB (Sweden) – Website and app that allows users to search, browse and get recommendations from all the available legal video streaming services in 26 countries.

SciencePOD (Ireland) – A digital publishing platform magnifying the impact of the latest research by transforming complex knowledge into simple, targeted messages.

Socialbeat (Italy) – A set of tech solutions and services that leverage big data and AI to support journalists and creators from production to distribution of digital content.

Subreader ApS (Denmark) – A service to give people with reading difficulties access to movies at home, cinemas or at school. (Belgium) – A cloud-based rundown and scripting tool enabling remote and paperless production.

Zaubar (Germany) – A SaaS platform to create AR tour experiences using the latest anchoring technology.


IN2 (Germany) – Cutting-edge scalable software solutions simplifying how businesses and people collect, organise, discover and present digital content on web and mobile.

Newsbridge (France) – A platform helping journalists and documentalists find the most relevant parts of any video content thanks to multimodal indexing.

The Chainless GmbH (Germany) – AI tools to extract information from visual data.

Content verification and against disinformation

Textgain (Belgium) – Text analytics pipelines able to automatically perform user profiling, keyword extraction and opinion mining on a large scale.

Data/AI/ML/Synthetic Media (Germany) – An AI-based platform allowing clients to access and manipulate huge amounts of digital media content.

AI Spotter (Finland) – A cloud-based video analysis and intelligent highlight production service.

Ceretai (Sweden) – Automated diversity and equality analysis of media and entertainment.

Cinelytic (UK, US) – A full lifecycle, enterprise level, business intelligence platform for the entertainment industry.

Datavillage (Belgium) – A digital decentralisation solution allowing consumers worldwide to build and control their own ‘digital twins’ based on personal behavioural data.

Event Registry (Slovenia) – AI platform for event and risk detection on a global scale.

FanSifter (Estonia) – Smart machine learning models to identify the most valuable fan segments and activate audiences with high return on investment.

Geneea Analytics (Czech Republic) – AI and NLP-based solutions that automate repetitive tasks involved in content creation and help publishers to better understand their own content and their audience.

PromoMii (UK) – Presenting NOVA, an AI-powered video logging and editing tool.

Smartocto (The Netherlands) – An editorial analytics and content intelligence solution.

Trensition (Belgium) – A platform automating trend and future research and providing detailed insights tailored to specific business contexts.

Utelly (UK) – AI and metadata-based solution powering a unified API with advanced search and recommendations for the media and entertainment industry.

Visualyst (Norway) – Solutions to help the film and TV industry internationalise or localise video content through comprehensive compliance review automation and collaboration tools.

Web64 (Norway) – Real-time analytics of currently trending news, and historical data on how media habits are changing.

SummarizeBot (Latvia) – Solutions for data extraction, structuring and analysis, through AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain.


FilmChain (UK) – A platform that collects revenues and pays production stakeholders in an efficient, transparent and automatic manner.

Gruvi Entertainment (UK) – Audience behaviour-focused technology solutions for better entertainment marketing outcomes.

MyLike (Germany) – A global content creation and sharing platform enabling companies to generate and monetize their own branded digital travel guides.

Nowtilus (Germany) – A dynamic Ad-Insertion technology solution for video content.

GNU Taler (Luxembourg) – A payment system that makes privacy-friendly online transactions fast and easy.


Comixify (Poland) – Video post-production solutions using AI to save on manual VFX labor budget.

Open Sesame Media (Germany, US) – Pioneering low-latency solutions for the social audio experience.

Saulx (The Netherlands) – Creation of an infrastructure to create real time data transfer that scales up to tens of millions concurrent connections.