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What’s the issue?

There is an overload of online content and everyone can easily be a publisher on the web. The variety of formats and platforms make it difficult to centralize the useful information for journalists and factcheckers.

“We aim to surface important content with the aid of data analytics and to provide real-time insights into how content is shared.” – Angela Jaramillo, Head of Sales & Marketing Web64

The Web64 team

Web64’s solution

The real-time dataset offered by Web64 provides newsmakers with valuable insights that allow them to better understand changes in the media landscape. It provides unique understandings into what content is consumed, who is publishing it and where it is being shared. 

“By working closely with our corporate partner in STADIEM, we have been able to improve our product line by solving specific needs of journalists and factcheckers, and thereby increasing the value for all our users.” – Olav Hjertaker, CEO and founder Web64

Web64’s corporate partner in STADIEM:


“Web 64’s Storyboard enables the editorial floor to monitor the popularity of its content on social media compared to competitors. For instance, fact checkers use it to help decide which alleged disinformation has to be dealt with first. It also supports other applications than quality journalism, such as sports and regional journalism. Besides Storyboard, the STADIEM project also contains the development of Dashboard which is another promising data tool. The developers maintain efficient communications and they do adopt all possible suggestions and integrate our feedback.” – Jan Jagers, Managing Director at deCheckers, an initiative in collaboration with VRT NWS

The people behind Web 64: Olav Hjertaker, Angela Jaramillo
Location: Bergen, Norway
Date of foundation: January 2015
More info: web64.com