Here are the 12 scale-ups going on to the Integrate phase of STADIEM’s programme

STADIEM’s acceleration programme has finally entered its Integrate phase, where 12 of the scale-ups selected during Open Call 1, and involved in the preceding Develop phase since last summer, are moving on to begin technical integration and testing, or pre-pilot activities for public pilots, around their innovative Next Generation Media ideas. This also includes internal testing and evaluation of business processes and performance, technologies, and solutions that will enable and drive forward scale-up and corporate collaboration.

Sten Saluveer (Storytek), presenting the expected results of the Integrate phase during the kick-off meeting with the scale-ups on board.

Read more about the scale-ups going on to the next level, and the focus area they work on, in the profiles here below:

Content creation & distribution

Zazu – A story content creation tool for production and omnichannel distribution. Together with Roularta Media Group, Zazu will develop a software development kit for story content automation and mobile integration possibilities.

On-Hertz – A hybrid (on-premises/cloud) distributed production platform (audio/video) that integrates within the production backbone of RTBF.

Frameright – A complete Image Display Control solution with metadata, AI and a browser-based user interface. In partnership with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frameright will suit its solution to journalism and media needs. – A cloud-based rundown and scripting tool enabling remote and paperless production. Collaborating with VRT and DPG Media, will implement an online and/or breaking news set.

Data/AI/ML/Synthetic Media

Web64 – Real-time analytics of currently trending news, and historical data on how media habits are changing. Web64 will monitor different formats of misinformative and politically charged content with VRT. – An AI-based platform allowing clients to access and interact with huge amounts of digital media content. Together with Russmedia, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, the Austrian Press Agency and the Austrian Parliamentary Administration, they will develop a language model for better dialect recognition.

Datavillage – A digital decentralisation solution allowing consumers worldwide to build and control their own ‘digital twins’ based on personal behavioural data. In partnership with RTBF and VRT, Datavillage will adapt content recommendation system for OTT platforms.

Utelly – AI and metadata-based solution powering a unified API with advanced search and recommendations for the media and entertainment industry. Belgian cross media discovery, OTT, and editorial content are the focus of its collaboration with Roularta Media Group.

Trensition – A platform automating trend and future research and providing detailed insights tailored to specific business contexts. Trensition will develop a strategic analytics platform based on Roularta Media Group’s targets. In the contest of STADIEM, they also collaborate with SWR.

Visualyst – Solutions to help the film and TV industry internationalise or localise video content through comprehensive compliance review automation and collaboration tools. Together with Telia and PBS America, Visualyst will foster brand detection/background textual information on video.


FilmChain – A platform that collects revenues and pays production stakeholders in an efficient, transparent and automatic manner. Working with Alamode Filmdistribution, they will develop a modular, scalable solution for the automated generation and dissemination of royalty reports.


The Chainless – AI tools to extract information from visual data. It will implement a Knowledge Graphs for archive browsing in partnership with ProSiebenSat1 Tech Solutions.

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