Our Scale-ups Showcase Innovative Solutions at Media City Bergen’s Future Week

Media City Bergen’s Future Week, held in early June, became a platform for exciting presentations by the STADIEM scale-ups. Scriptix, Druid Learning, Limecraft, Television.AI, and BotTalk  took center stage as they unveiled their pilot solutions to media corporates and tech enthusiasts.

Now in its sixth year, the annual Future Week is a four-day festival dedicated to media tech, innovation management, news desk innovations, and future business models. Drawing in hundreds of participants from various industries, the event serves as a hub for inspiration, knowledge-sharing, discussions, and networking opportunities. Media City Bergen has designed the festival to  ensure a vibrant atmosphere where the latest developments in communication, media production, and transformative technologies are showcased. Among the participants, scale-ups such as Scriptix, Druid learning, Limecraft, Television.AI, and BotTalk took the spotlight.

During the MCB Future Week, these scale-ups were not only given the opportunity to present their solutions on stage at the Media tech and trends conference, but they also actively engaged in networking events, securing valuable leads with media corporates.

Among the notable individuals who participated in Future Week were Frans Olsthoorn, CEO of Scriptix; Niamh Faller, CEO and Founder of Druid learning; Maarten Verwaest, CEO of Limecraft; Olcay Buyan, Managing Director and Founder of Television.AI; and Dr. Andrey Esaulov, Founder and CEO of BotTalk.

The presence of these innovative scale-ups further highlighted the collaborative and forward-thinking nature of Media City Bergen’s Future Week, setting the stage for future collaboration and synergies in the media tech industry.

Two of the STADIEM scale-ups on stage at Future Week: BotTalk (left) and Limecraft (right)
The scale-ups in the spotlight

Curious about the scale-ups and their innnovative solutions? Let’s delve into a brief introduction to their co-creation projects supported by STADIEM:

Scriptix‘s speech recognition ecosystem enables customers to generate transcripts and subtitles automatically both in batch and real-time in 13 languages. Their models can be customized to better fit specific verticals or use cases and do not store any customer data unless customers want it to.

Druid learning provides publishers with a platform that facilitates the automatic micro categorisation of all digital assets. The platform automates the indexing of digital content files into component digital assets, increasing discoverability of content and reducing the need for manual or costly processes.

Limecraft offers online collaborative workspaces for the creative industry. VRT is a public broadcaster and like all other public broadcasters and commercial broadcasters, there is a growing demand for subtitling in Dutch or other languages, and different formats for various video-on-demand platforms. Limecraft has a unique piece of software that automates the steps of segmenting and aligning subtitles. In the development phase of the STADIEM project, Limecraft optimises the Natural Language Processing (NLP), to automatically cut the transcript into perfectly segmented and timed subtitles according to the style guide of VRT. Secondly, Limecraft integrates the transcription and subtitling tools into the pre-existing editing environment, so as to avoid switching between different apps and to create a consistent workspace. By optimising the quality of the output of artificial intelligence, and by reducing the clutter of apps, users will drastically reduce the workload and the turnaround time.

Television.AI helps you automate your news video production by analysing raw video footage, creating a spoken voice-over and automatically predicting the required edit to aligning your news story’s voice-over and video footage ready for your editorial team to review and publish.

BotTalk is a SaaS text-to-speech platform that enables publishers to create an audio version of their articles using an AI voice. This creates another distribution channel and revenue stream and significantly increases reader engagement. In addition, BotTalk allows any company to create its own voice using voice cloning technology. The custom voice promotes branding, user trust, and emotional connection to the company.

STADIEM has more in store for you from here until September – Stay tuned to our website and social media to find out more!