Reporting back from IBC 2022

Between last September 9 and 12, STADIEM finally hit the floor of the renowned Amsterdam-based international broadcasting event.

The project had two dedicated pods within partner Media City Bergen‘s village, which featured general information on STADIEM and its funding and acceleration programme, but also served the purpose of meeting points and showcase stations for the scale-ups involved, which took turns engaging with interested parties and pitch their solutions. Those scale-ups, coming from Open Call 2‘s selection, included Vialogeinbliq.ioBotTalkdoWowLimecraftRumble StudioWantent and Textgain, covering a wide range of topics and application areas: from Data/AI/ML/Synthetic Media to monetization and content creation and distribution.

The pods attracted not only other start-ups interested in the programme but also Media corporates (EU-based and international) interested in the solutions from both OC1 and OC2, as well as some considering joining as a corporate partner in future endeavours. Additionally, other organisations visited, captivated by our programme and the scale-ups’ innovations.

Happy Hour and networking at the STADIEM pod

STADIEM was also showcased within partner EBU‘s booth, which carried the project’s promotional material to inform and connect with the broader broadcasting community, which is the cornerstone of the event – IBC attracts every year over 50,000 senior media and entertainment professionals from across the broadcasting and content creation world with representatives from over 150 countries.

STADIEM at EBU’s booth

Beyond EBU’s and Media City Bergen’s spaces, several scale-ups from the programme were also present on IBC’s exhibition floor, with their own independent showcases: Open Call 1 Pilot phase‘s Trensition and Tinkerlist, and Open Call 2 Develop phase’s Television.aiDramatify and Media Distillery.

Some of STADIEM’s partners and scale-ups in the pod area

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